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Life is short. Buy the plane ticket.

We built Travel South America to spread excitement about South America by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favorite experiences and local sights. It is our hope that by making it easier to find relevant information and harnessing the power of our community, we can encourage more people to enjoy and appreciate South America.

Experience Discovery

We help the world discover the best adventures across South America, focusing on building a community-driven platform with concise information and high quality visual content. 

Trip Planning

We’ve integrated transportation technology to show the most efficient and cost effective travel routes that exist to get from point A to point B in South America, quickly and transparently.


We’ve traveled all across South America and sourced the best itineraries form our community. We hope our carefully thought out itineraries serve as a guide or a source of inspiration for your trip.

Content Creation

Our content production team specializes in story-driven photography and videography for national and local tourism boards and brands, with a focus on travel, adventure, and culture.

Photography Excursions

We organize unforgettable adventures throughout South America with talented photographers. Discover their hidden spots, capture amazing photos, and sharpen your photography skills.

Cultural Shop

We have sustainable and long-term relationships with artisans in South America. Our mission is to curate unique and authentic products that reflect the culture of each country throughout the region.

Our Partners:

The Team

We’re a relatively small, but well-balanced team. We come from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We’re hikers, surfers, climbers, photographers, skiers, filmmakers, and nomads, all united by a shared passion for South America.


We’re not currently hiring, but send us an email at [email protected] if you think we should reconsider, or if you just want to help out.

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