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Experience – Train Cemetery – Uyuni, Bolivia.

  • Address: Train Cemetery – Uyuni, Bolivia (Google Maps)
  • Hours: All Day
  • Recommended Time: 1 hour
  • How to Arrive: By car
  • Distance from Uyuni: 2.7 km / 1.6 miles
  • Entrance Fee: No
  • Ideal Month(s): November – March

The Train Cemetery is one Uyuni’s main tourist attractions. The train graveyard is a collection of rusty steam locomotives and railcars that date back to the 19th century. The town previously served as a distribution hub for the trains carrying minerals on their way to the Pacific Ocean ports. Plans were made to build a large network of trains based in Uyuni, but the project was abandoned due to a combination of technical difficulties and tension with neighboring countries.

Today the trains sit decaying along rusted tracks about 3km southwest of Uyuni. The Train Cemetery is a walkable distance from the city center, but it’s best to visit the trains in the evening or early morning when the buses full of tourists are nowhere to be seen.

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