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Experience – Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Bomba de Tiempo

  • Address: Sarmiento 3131, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sarmiento & Jean Jaures) (Google Maps)
  • Hours: Monday 7:00 pm – 10:00pm
  • Recommended Time: 3 hours (7pm – 10pm)
  • How to arrive: By car, walking
  • Price: Varies
  • Website:
  • Ideal Months: October – May
  • Tickets: Buy tickets here.

The biggest party in Buenos Aires on Monday happens at La Bomba de Tiempo. La Bomba de Tiempo is an improvisational percussion ensemble that feeds off the energy and dancing of the audience.

Each show is unique and unpredictable because the music is generated live on stage through a dialogue between the musicians and a director, who leads the improvisation using more than 70 hand signals.

The high energy percussion show is filled with both locals and tourists dancing and drinking ice cold beer. The best part about the experience is that the band enjoys every second of the show. La Bomba de Tiempo is loud, fun, boozy, and worth your Monday night. Doors open at 7pm and close at 10pm.

Created in 2006, the aim of La Bomba de Tiempo has been to create a unique rhythm and powerful atmosphere that genuinely represents the multifaceted culture of Buenos Aires and its inhabitants. Each show has a guest that joins the game of musical improvisation and interaction. To date, more than 5 million people have seen the Monday night show.

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