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Experience – Buenos Aires, Argentina: Argentina Polo Day

  • Duration: Full Day
  • Price: US$ 240
  • Hours: 10:30am – 7pm
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 50 minutes
  • Ideal Month(s): October – April

Argentina Polo Day is one of the best full-day activities you can do in Buenos Aires. The company picks you up from your hotel around 10am, drives you to a polo estancia in Pilar (roughly an hour outside of B.A.), and entertains you with a polo lesson, empanads, red wine, and an amazing asado experience while you watch a professional polo match.

The staff is genuine, attentive, and accommodates any skill level in regard to your horse riding abilities. Below are more details about the Argentina Polo Day experience:

  • Pick-up from Palermo Hollywood at 10am
  • Arrive to the estancia around 11:30am (after picking up 2 more guests)
  • Greeted with wine (Malbec, of course) and empanadas
  • Learn about the history and tradition of polo from the Argentina Polo Day staff, all while watching members of the professional Corona Polo Club play a friendly game of four chukkers.
  • Hit a few practice balls on your own (without horse) to prepare yourselves for our afternoon polo match
  • Have an AMAZING asado with the polo players filled with red meat and tons of red wine
  • Practice riding horses while taking instruction from professional polo players
  • Play a simulated polo match (which will really cause you to appreciate the skill professional polo players have!)
  • End the experience with more red wine and dessert
  • Transfer back to your hotel in Buenos Aires

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