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Experience – Town of Uyuni, Bolivia.

  • Address: Uyuni, Bolivia (Google Maps)
  • Hours: All Day
  • Recommended Time: 1 hour
  • How to Arrive: By car
  • Distance from La Paz: 551 km / 336 miles
  • Ideal Month(s): November – March

The town of Uyuni occupies a desolate corner of southwestern Bolivia. Uyuni serves as a launching pad for hundreds of travelers each week to kick off their tour of Salar de Uyuni or the Southwest Circuit through Bolivia’s most beautiful and deserted desserts.

The town was founded in 1889 and still remains an important military base. Tourism and mining are the other major sources of employment in the town. The world’s largest lithium reserve – about 100 million tons – lies beneath the neighboring salt flat.

Don’t expect much activity in Uyuni. Uyuni primarily serves as a gateway for tourists visiting the world’s largest salt flats, the nearby Salar de Uyuni salt flat. Each year the city receives approximately 60,000 visitors from around the world. The city also acts as a gateway for commerce and traffic crossing into and out of Bolivia from and to Chile.

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